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Yeah1 Network is a Multi-Channel Network on Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Apps, Website, etc,. Yeah1 Network is one of the global leading digital networks










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Why join us?

High revenue sharing ratio

The revenue sharing ratio is up to 85%

Fastest Payment

The fastest payment after 30 days


PR on our Fanpage system with millions of fans and visits

Free SEO tool

SEO tool - Tubebuddy for free (paid version)

360,000 free music tracks and sound effects

Access to the music library with 360,000 music tracks, sound efects, kids,...

24/7 Support

Professional Support Team via Email, Hotline, Facebook

Brand Approach

Approach well-known brands to increase ad revenue

High CPM

Distribute advertises on quality contents to increase CPM and revenue


Yeah1 Network regularly organizes the talk shows, offlines to communicate with Youtube creators in and out of Yeah1 Network.



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Conditions of participation

1,000,000 views per month
Creative contents
Comply with YouTube's policies and Community Guidelines.

Channel Owner

For those who already have channels and want to become a partner

Video Owner

For partners who only own video content


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yeah1 network

$100 US Dollars Payment Threshold

$10 US Dollars Payment Threshold

Youtube usually provides copyright protection tools for companies, copyright organizations owns the content

Protect your copyrights and help you get revenue from infringing videos whether you are an individual or an organization

More than 150,000 music tracks and sound effects

More than 360,000 music tracks and audio effects

Email Support (Monday - Friday)

24/7 Email, Livechat, Hotline, Facebook Support (Monday - Sunday)

Registration through YouTube's sponsorship platform

Approach famous brands to increase ad revenue

not supported yet

Opportunity to make money from other video platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Website

Newspapers and partners
talk about us

Vietnam's Timo bank aims to attract millennials; Yeah1! already has, and then some

It's possible to make retail banking hip and cool, and a Vietnamese start-up called Timo is out to prove this with a latte.

Chàng trai đứng sau thành công của kênh YouTube số 1 VN

Sau hai lần thất bại với dự án khởi nghiệp, Nguyễn Ngọc Hưng làm lại từ đầu và lần lượt tạo tiếng vang với những sản phẩm mang thương hiệu của mình như 2! Idol, Thích Ăn Phở.

Yeah1Network - MCN duy nhất của Việt Nam xếp hạng thứ 7 trên bảng xếp hạng MCN toàn cầu

Vào ngày 28/8/2017 vừa qua, Yeah1 Network đã chính thức trở thành MCN số 7 thế giới theo lượt view hàng tháng từ thống kê của Socialblade.

Brand Partners

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Yeah1 Network Partner is a program allow Creators to make money on Youtube and other platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Website, Mobile Apps,etc. Also, Creators will be consulted and supported to develop faster with specific tools and benefits


Yeah1 Network Partners will be supported:

- Make money from video content on Youtube Platforms and support to earn on other platforms such as Facebook, Website, Mobile Apps

- Support for paying partners' personal income tax, you do not have to pay this

- Get a quick, transparent monthly payoutby variety methods: Webmoney (WMV, WMZ), Bank account, Paypal

- Get revenue sharing ratio from 70%

- PR on Yeah1 Fanpage and Website with million fans and visits

- Use the free Tubebuddy.com channel development too (paid version)

- 360,000 free music files at Copyrighted Library: AudioMicro.com

- Technical support to solve any problems related to channel settings, advertising, optimization, copyright, channel verification and appeal, Gold & Silver Play Button, and other issues

- Protect your video copyright on both Youtube and Facebook

- Contact our 24/7 support team for any questions via email, hotline, facebook

- Design Channel Avatar & Cover: http://bit.ly/brandingchannel

- Approach well-known brands to increase ad revenue

- Distribute advertises on quality contents to increase CPM and revenue

- Personal consultant, channel development training, update Youtube latest information on policies, regulations


To be eligible to join our Partnership program on YouTube, your channel should meet the following requirements:

- The channel has at least 300,000 monthly views

- Creative and original contents without any copyrights violations

- Adhere to YouTube community guidelines and policies

- The channel is in good status

If your channel meets our network requirements and adhere to all YouTube community policies, your channel will be signed up to our partnership program. We refer to the above mentioned criteria to justify your channel’s eligibility to join Yeah1 Network, and we strictly follow YouTube community policies. However, Yeah1 Network still reserves the right to refuse any applications without a reason.


When you join Yeah1 Network, you will have access to the personal control panel, where you can enter your information and channel details. Once you activate your personal dashboard, you'll need to fill out your bank information and choose the appropriate payment method. Yeah1 Network offers the following payment methods:

- WebMoney Transfer

- Bank Transfer

- PayPal


- WebMoney Transfer: $10

- Bank Transfer: $10

- PayPal: $10


If your revenue exceeds the minimum payment threshold ($10), you will receive a payment between the 25th and 30th of each month. For example, February revenue will be finalized and paid on the 25-30th of March. If the payment period falls on two weekend days, the payments will be delivered to you on Monday of the following week. If your revenue have not reached the minimum payment threshold, they will be added to the revenue of the next month.


We provide technical support, advice on copyright issues as well as other issues related to your Youtube channel. We continue to train and assist our partners in optimizing and promoting their channel on YouTube. Our support team is available on Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm. You can contact our support team in the following ways:

- Submit your request online via our official website: yeah1network.com.

- Online Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/yeah1network.

- Via our email address:

+ [email protected]: support for common issues

+ [email protected]: resolve and support payment issues

+ [email protected]: support for resolving channel issues, supporting appeal and copyright issues, and participation inquiries

+ [email protected]: support for promoting videos for partners.

Also, if you need to contact us urgently, you can call our hotline: 01678 399 369 or 01655 023 123.


To join our Youtube Partner Program, your channel should meet our following requirements:

- Channels need to reach at least 300,000 views per month.

- Creative content, not copyright infringement

- Comply with YouTube's policies and Community Guidelines.

- Your channel should be in good condition.

If your channel meet our requirements, your channel will be linked to our partner program The above criteria is the basis to decide whether your channel can join the Yeah1 Network and we follow the YouTube Community Guidelines.

We reserve the right to off monetization on your channel if your channel violates YouTube's terms of service regarding content monetization, and if your channel does not meet the requirements listed here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2490020?hl=vi


To become a partner, you need to sign up at website Yeah1network.com

Your registration will be reviewed within 1 working day. In case you do not receive a response, please contact our support team

If your registration has been accepted, you will receive an announcement to your registered email address, confirming your participation. You will need to follow the instructions in the email and accept our partner invitation in the individual YouTube channel console.


101A Upper Cross Street #11-16 People's Park Centre, Singapore 058358

Phone number

Vietnam Office: +84 02873006071

Global Contact: +65 3158 1388


+84 378399369